Germany to Kill all its Nuke Plants by 2022

MERKEL Govt has decided to shutdown all German Nuclear Power Plants by 2022 as an aftermath of Japanese Fkushima Nuclear Disaster.

Eistien's Mass / Energy equation E=MCxC is very famous and scientists were very jubilient at it as the source enormous energy by conversion of material into energy.
Second half of twentieth century saw the build up of lot of nuclear reactors for defense as well as energy purposes.
Scientists thought they have tamed the un-tamable - 'atom' the foundation to matter, and everything is under their control and they can do damn manipulation of the fundamental nuclear space!!!.

But sad that Tsunami in Japan and fakushima disaster proved it all otherwise.
Nothing is under control and the impossible can happen at any time.
Small waves of the ocean can create havoc to nations like Japan, before which the helpless man is no more mighty.
Other nations will follow Germany in fear of the unknown.

True, Earth is yet to see the disasters which is going to happen.
It is all revealed in the Holy Scripture - Bible
Please read Isiah Chapetr 24

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