In Sweet Rememberance of my Mom KUNJAMMA TITUS

Born in  1924 at Ranny, Kerala, India as the 8th (youngest) child of Mathai & Saramma of Nellickamon Chalumattu Family.
She was espoused to (Late) Titus Thomas, son of Thomas & Annamma of Parankamoottil family, Ranny, Kerala, India. She became a widow at her prime age of 30 yrs and remained so therafter and lived a life for her children trusting in the Lord.
She Left for heavenly abode on 27th April 2011 7:55 AM from Eranakulam, Kerala, India.
Funeral of the mortal remains was on 30th April 2011 at Brethren Cemetary, Thengode, Kakkanad, Ernakulam  for resurrection on Jesus' return.
She was:-
        Mother of: Titus Thomas & Alice, Leelamma & Mathew, Titus Mathew &Valsa, Titus Eapen & Lilly.
        Grand Mother of:   Thomas P Titus & Ray P Titus
                                        Gigy Mathew & Susan Biju
                                        Joe Mathew & Jane Mathew
                                        Bob Eapen Titus & Irene Lilian Titus
        Great Grand Mother of:   Abigail & Amelia
                                                   Jaden & Brookline
                                                  Ammu & Chinnu

                                                  Tinu & Tony
During her last days, she was almost always singing the Malayalam songs of
wonderful spiritual hope of eternity:
            "Vazhum Njanen Rakshitavin Koode Eppozhum.." &
            "Anugrahathin Adhipathiye.."
     Ee Paaridamam Pazhmanalil, parthidum najn Nin Thanalil
     Marana Dinam Varumalavil, Maranjidum Nin Marvidathil
     I will live under your shadow in this world of wilderness
     But when the time for my departure come,
     I will disappear into Your bosom.
I thank God for my dear Amma who made me 'me'.
:Titus Eapen, Cochin, India


JacobGeorge said...

My sincere condolences

May God comfort you all at this difficult time

Tetoz said...

Thanks, Jacob