Wow, It is 'Time Out'!

 'Time Out' is a ussage in the Computer World to mean that you have been trying to connect to a server for quite some time and then it is out.
11 August, 2011.
WOW!, That is my 60th Birth Anniversary!
I thank God for His providence during the long 60 years.
I joined Kochi Refinery in April 1990 as Manager(EDP).
My love for Kerala & for Kochi Refinery gave a pretty long stint here in Kochi Refinery.
At this time of the beginning of my golden sunset, I will be leaving this organization as a contended & happy person. 
It is because my vision of an Eternal Life beyond the material space due to my ardent faith.

Friends at KR, it was nice working with you all. Thank you very much.
Myself and family wishes you all the best and May God Bless You and your Families.

I can be reached at my blogs REASONING & BONAFIDES

With warm regards,

Titus Eapen
Information Services Dept
BPCL_Kochi Refinery

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umeshjairam said...

Let the Almighty shower HIS blessings on you on this auspicious day.