Hero of 'What I can Give'

Today I read in the facebook Former Indian President Dr. APJ Kalam's great gesture of appreciating the Industrialist in Kochi (India) Mr. Kochouseph Chittellappilly.

What Dr. Kalam wrote on Mr. Chittellappilly is reproduced below:
"Yesterday , I inaugurated the 31st NIPM National Conference at Kochi where a number of HR managers, industrialists, academicians and students were present. There I met a special person who was given a special recognition amidst the gatheri...
ng. His name is Shri Kochouseph Chittilappilly (in pic) and he is a well-known industrialist in the field of electrical equipment, construction and services in the nation and the state. He has been amongst the highest taxpayers in the state and is also very active in the social service domain.
In 2011, in a touching gesture of giving, Mr. Chittilappilly donated his own kidney to an unknown ailing poor truck driver. This set in motion a unique movement called, “The Kidney Chain”, wherein a relative of one patient would donate to another patient, whose relative will in turn donate onwards and so on. Moreover, over 500 employees of his own company pledged to donate their organs after death.
What a great spirit of giving is exhibited by this self-made industrialist. Yesterday, when I saw the radiant smiling face of Mr. Chittilappilly, one thought immediately came to my mind – Giving makes you happy."
(Dr. APJ Kalam, former President of the Republic of  India)
The recognition of Mr. Kochouseph as a hero of 'What I can Give' by such a big personality like Dr. Kalam is great. It is because of his sacrificial giving of one of his vital organ - kidney.
When I read the news of  Kochouseph's gesture in the news paper some time back in Kochi, I had thought about it. There are people who are ready to donate organ after their death. It is good. But how many can donate their vital oragn like kidney while they are living? May be some are ready to give to their dear and near ones incase of dire need to save their life.
But Chittillappally gave it to some unknown person whom he never knew. It is real sacrifice.
I appreciate and salute mr. Chittillappilly Ouseph.
But still a greate sacrifice - Biggest Hero of 'What I can Give'!!!
I want to tell you of bigger sacrifice. It is none but Jesus Christ's.
God gave his only son Jesus Christ to save mankind.
Jesus Christ gave his Life and Blood to save sinners from Eternal Damnation.
Chittillappilly's kidney can extend the life of the patient for few more years.
But what after that?
Where will be the etenity?
Jesus Christ gave his life and blood so that You will live Eternally.
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ that whoever believe in Him will not persish, But will have eternal Life" (John 3:16 - Bible)
If you believe this, You will have eternal life.
Otherwise how long you live in this world does not matter, But after that your fate will be Hell.
God Bless You


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