Second Law of Thermodynamics - Law of Etropy

Second Law of Thermonamics - Law of Entropy is an established law according to which a system left to itself will increase its entropy. Entropy is a measure of 'disorder' in a system. This means, any system left to iself will move from an orderly state to a disorderly state (from good to bad).

This law can be seen in nature. An abondoned motor bike will never become better, it will start eroding and finally good for nothing. An abandoned building also has the same fate. Any system cannot move from bad to good by itself. Making something better needs an external involvement by some one.
This law can be seen every where. But mind, the theory of evolution is just the opposite. From nothing to something and from an Amoeba to Man who is more orderly in milllion ways.

Human nature is also same by the law. Have a natural life and live as you like, the result will be damnation and hell. It is because of the sinful nature of man. He has always the love for bad things and not for good things (a carnal mind).

Bible says "There is none good, even one", "All has sinned and lost the glory of God" (Romans Chapter 3).
To make man good, God has to involve in the life of man.
Jesus Christ who was God came into this earth to involve in the life of man and make him a better person, from Eternal Condemnation to Eternal Life.
Bible says - He died on the cross as a substitute of the condemnation every man should have suffered.
Those who believe in him will be devoid of the eternal condemnation.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His Only begotten Son Jesus Christ that whoever believe in Him should not perish, but will have Eternal Life" (Bible -John 3:16)

There is an end to this universe (by the law of  Entropy itself), God is going to involve in this Universe which is moving to worse. There is an end to your life in this world.
But that is not the end, there is life beyond.
Think of what is your destination after death? It depends on your selection and decision now.
God does not want any body to go to hell. So only He gave Jesus Christ.

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