People have asked me ‘What I Believe’. So I want to share what I believe or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gospel – It means Good News. What all we hear around is bad news - sickness, sorrow, death, accidents, fights, terrorism, killings, calamity, pollution...and so on...
But still there is hope, Hope for Man, that is the Gospel - the Good News.

Man – Man is the supreme creation of God. God made everything by his words - Let There Be & All came into existence from nothing. God created Man with His hand from the dust of the earth, in His own image, and breathed life into him. Man was a wonderful creation of God.
God gave man a free will, freedom to choose. God gave man a conscience. God created man with body, soul and spirit. God created man as an eternal being.

Sin – Man disobeyed God. He chose to disobey. Man became a sinner. Man lost the fellowship with God. God is a Holy God. God hates Sin. Sin separated Man from God.
All are sinners without exception.
God is a just God. So, Consequence of Sin is punishment. Wages of Sin is Death.
Death entered the World with Sin. Not only the physical death, but the spiritual death too.
Bible tells about the eternal death (Hell) of sinner.
Sinner will have to spend the life after death eternally in hell.

Law – God gave the Law to man. Law is written in the conscience man. Then The Ten Commandments & other Laws too were given. For him to obey and live a life pleasing to God. Law stipulates punishment for breaking. But no man could obey the law. Every one broke the Law at some point or other. The law reminded him that he is a sinner each time he broke it. So all mankind is worthy of eternal punishment.

Works – Man’s good work is not acceptable to God as far as he is a sinner. No good work or religious rituals can give man salvation or ‘moksha’. Even if man does good works through out his life, he is not convinced or assured of salvation.

Love God love man. God is Love. God didn’t want man to perish and go to eternal condemnation. God worked a plan to save man from punishment.

Jesus ChristGod’s plan to save man is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself is God. He came to the world in the form of a man to save man from eternal condemnation through his scarificial death on the cross. He was holy; there was no sin in him. He was declared of no guilt before being crucified on the cross. He died on the cross in place of a sinner. It was a substitutionery death in place of sinful man. Jesus Christ's death was as fore-said in the scripture.

Salvation is Free by Faith in Jesus Chirst – God gives everything free! Earth and its fullness belong to God. How can man please God by offering earthly things? God’s salvation is free by faith so that it is available to all. Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ – Believe that Jesus suffered the punishment of death on the cross on your behalf. If you do that, you are freed from the eternal punishment. God forgives your sin. God justifies you through Jesus Christ. God is a just God. Because of God’s love for man God Himself suffered the punishment.
Salvation free by faith is an amazing truth indeed!

Jesus Resurrected – Proving that He is God, Jesus resurrected on the third day. He ascended to heaven. He will come again to the world to collect those who believe in Him. Those who died believing in Him will resurrect on his coming.

Judgment & End of this world – There is going to be a judgment at the end. Those who do not accept Jesus as savior will be condemned for eternal damnation (Hell), not because they are sinners, but because they did not receive the free salvation God offered through Jesus Christ. This world will come to an end. This world defiled with sin will be burned in fire and God will create new heaven and earth. Those who are saved in Jesus Christ will have eternal life with God. Thos who rejected the salvation through Jesus Christ will suffer eternal damnation in Hell.

What One should do?
· Accept the fact that you are a sinner.
· Wages of Sin is death – eternal Punishment.
· Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sin.
· Pray to Jesus to forgive your Sins
· God will then forgive your sins and justify you and make you His child
· God will give you His Holy Spirit in you and help you in your life
· The Holy Spirit will assure you of your salvation

God has given you the free will to accept or reject this salvation.
The choice is purely yours & the consequence also will be your!

Please read the following Bible Portions:
· All are sinners – Roman 3:10
· Salvation is Free by Faith in Jesus Christ – John 1:12; John 3:16; Rom 10:9

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