CERN Scientists still in Darkness

CERN scientists who research for the ULTIMATE TRUTH OF THE UNIVERSE by looking for the 'God Particle' is still in darkness.
They are looking for the very fundamental particle called the 'God Particle' which is responsible for the Universe. Trillions of Euros have been already spent in the Project.

Their recent much fan fared discovery was that the particle 'nutrino' travels faster than light!!!
If so, it would have questioned the fundamentals of all existing scientific theories which is based on the Einstien's theory that nothing can travel faster than light.

Alas, now the CERN scientists say they were wrong. Their experiement was misjudged due to a LOOSE CABLE!!!

It is so much astonishing that very simple things go into big mis judgements and Is it not a mockery of the whole research projects?

When will CERN scientists find the God Particle? Even if they find something, how can we say it is true?
There are millions of loose cables around HADRON collider they use to research!

Bible says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

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