Seventy Days For His People & 70 weeks for World

Prophet Daniel while in Babylon was pained at the state of affairs of Jerusalem and God's people. He was thinking of the prophecy of Jeremiah, that a remnant shall be delivered after 70 years from captivity. Book of chronicles mentions this at the closing.
People of Israel were in palestine for 490 years. But they didnt obey God's commandment and give the due rest (sabath) not only to themselves but also to the land which God gave them(once in seven years for land , and once in a week for people).
So God made the Babylonian King to come and ransack Jerusalem after many warnings through prophets.
Now they are in captivity, and Daniel prays for the restoration of Jerusalem and His people.
God Wonderfully reveals to Daniel his plan about the total restoration of Jews in 70 weeks.
Daniel chapter 9 describes this 70 weeks. It is a wonderful study of the future of the whole world in the days to come.

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