Global Food Problem? Rising Crude Prices?

What is the Reason for Rising Crude Prices?
Absolutely no reasaon!!

Crude is not a scarce commodity. OPEC and other Oil Producers continue to pump it out of the earth. OPEC is not hard pressed for money. OPEC nations dont know what to do with Trillions and Trillions of US $ wealth. They are looking for new avenues of Investment.
What is the Market dynamics which then governs the price rise?
No one knows. Even the most powerful nation US is not able to control.
So they have started uttering foolishness blaming India & China?
Are we going to face a Global Food Problem.
Few years back food was abundant and almost all nations self sufficient except few African countries. India celebrated the Green revolution and even the White Revolution.
Now things have changed. India is facing Food problem. Even other nations.
President Bush has advised Indians & Chinese to eat less saying their improved eating pattern has driven countries to food scarcity!
It looks, Nations are going to face problems!
WHY? With all technological progress, cant we stop this and make the world a good place to live?

Sorry, No, No one can help.
Coz Bible says so. World is coming to the sad last days.
Read further on this in Mathew Chapter 24

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