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Somehow GOOGLE has the answer for everything these days, that too within no time and with few keystrokes. Formerly people used to spend days & months looking for information, browsing through large number of books. They were not sure where to look & what to find. Internet has made revolutionary change in how people handle information. It has become within the reach of any one.
‘ASK GOOGLE’ means - do a Google search on Internet and you will get the answer. Whatever be the subject, there are thousands of Internet sites where the information you are looking for is available. Google fetches them within seconds and presents before you in the form of Internet links. By the way GOOGLE is the most popular Internet search engine (
Google is celebrating its 9th birthday this year. The growth of Google is phenomenal and even threatening to software giants like Microsoft. When I am typing this article, I find that Microsoft does not recognize the word ‘Google’ and throws a spelling mistake error!

Google has large number of different products.
The community group called ‘Orkut’ ( is very famous through which millions around the world are brought in to its fold. You can make friendship, form groups, share photos and videos, give a testimonial and leave a scrap to your friend.

‘Google Earth’ ( and ‘Google Maps’ ( even threaten the secrecy of nations. They bring Defense, Nuclear and Research installations are brought before the naked eye of any one. They offer maps and satellite images and helps in complex and pin pointed regional searches. You can see your home and school as if from a satellite. You can label them too so that others can see it when they visit the location later.

With about a hundred million stars and two hundred million galaxies, the new feature of Sky in Google Earth ( lets you explore the heavens like never before.
Through ‘Blogger’ ( you can express any wandering thoughts publicly & involve in discussions.

Through ‘You Tube’ ( one can share their videos with others and ‘broadcast yourself’ as Google calls it. Millions of videos are available on the site. Most moviemakers have started putting the trailers on ‘Youtube’.

Gmail, Google’s free email service ( has become very popular with unlimited size and Instant Messaging (IM) facility available through the mail window without an IM engine.

These are not the only products of Google. See their products in the site (
There is another dark side to the Google strory. There is strong allegation that when you use the Google products, they steal your personal information!! Nice Googling!!

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